Frequently Asked Questions

I did not receive the email to let me download my track?

This is very rare, but don't panic we have never failed to get a track to a customer yet!

Firstly, please check the email you are using for PayPal purchases is the same email you are expecting to receive the track download link on; it is common for people to use a different PayPal email than their day-to-day email - your purchase link will always be sent to your PayPal email address. 

If you are logged into the email you use for PayPal please check the spam folder to be sure the link is not waiting there. 

Still stuck? Just Contact Us. We can verify your purchase on our website and then send a new email with a new download link, or email the track to you directly as an attachment;  you do not have to pay twice.

How do I use my download link on Apple devices (iPad / iPhone)?

Apple don't include the capability to download files via links as part of their standard operating system features, even though this is standard behaviour for other devices and operating systems!  Unfortunately we can't control what apple do, but here are some suggestions to get around it...

To download files with an Apple device  add a downloader app to your Apple device. There are plenty of these in the Apple App Store - e.g. search for "File download manager"  -  some are free (often with in-app advertising) and some are paid for. We'd recommend you read the app reviews before downloading one.  

An alternative approach is download the file to a PC or other device first, then import the mp3 into your iTunes library for use on your apple device. 

If you are really stuck we can send the mp3 track to you directly as an attachment to an email which should then allow you to save the email attachment, but this is a manual send process for us and we can only do this when we are in the studio to respond. We suggest you try one of the methods above first to avoid any potential delay.

The track I want is not listed?

You can Contact Us to request a track. We will respond via email asap advising of how long it will take. If the sheet music is readily available we can usually record a new track reasonably quickly. The track will then be made available for download on the site. You can also email us your own sheet music in PDF format. 

Can you record an mp3 in a different key &/or arrangement for me?

Yes. We can source music in different keys and transpose music. We'd be happy to discuss your requirements with you. 

See also "The track I want is not listed" above. 

How do I preview / buy a track?

Simply go to the Musicals page, browse the list of musicals and click on the musical you are interested in - the available mp3 tracks for that musicals will then be listed on a new page.

To preview a track - just click on the blue play button which appears to the left of the track to preview the track for 30 secs.  

To find out about a track  - [Info] appears in blue link to the right of each title; click on this to find out more information about the track such as key, composer, lyricist, copyright date etc.

To buy a track - click the "£2.49" button (to the right of the track) and your track will be added to "Your Cart" (which then appears at the top of the website). You can then continue to browse the Musicals page for further tracks.

When you have all the tracks you want in "Your Cart" click the "Checkout" button to go to the secure PayPal purchase area.

Once payment is completed via PayPal you will be sent an email enabling you to download your track.  The link will remain active for the number of days advised in the email (normally 5 days) so please ensure you download the track to your computer in the time advised.

Do "requests" cost the same as existing tracks on your site?

No, they cost from £9.99 per track depending on the length of the accompaniment (bars / measures). Request pricing is listed on the Contact Us page. Once the track has been downloaded we will reduce the cost to standard track price after a suitable period of time in order to develop our online library.  This practice enables us to provide professional recordings at affordable and most competitive prices.

What are "Orders"?  Bespoke orders are offered to all customers, be they individuals, corporate organisations, or educational institutions. These are one or more recordings assembled as one order by prior arrangement (be they existing songs on the site or new requests or combinations of both); these orders are given a unique number as advised in our email to you and can then be downloaded in the orders area.  

How do I request an "Order"? Simply Contact Us with a list of songs and requirements; we will advise of the time needed to assemble the order and quote for the service. 

How can I pay? Do I need a Paypal account? Can I use a credit or debit card? 

You can use your PAYPAL account. On checkout you will be taken to the secure PayPal payments page. 

Are purchases secure?

Yes. We sell tracks via PayPal secure servers. This also means we do not keep any of your financial details (these details are handled by PayPal not us).