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*Audition Cut, see lyrics*
Key: Bb Major Composer: Jason Robert Brown
Copyright: 1999 By JAson Robert Brown
All Rights Controlled by Semolina Farfalle Music (ASCAP)


Did you ever hear her laugh?
When she laughed, you swore you'd never cry again.
Did you ever see her smile?
Her smile was like a glass of lemonade.
And she said funny things,
And she wore pretty dresses,
And she liked to see the pictures at the VFW Hall,
And she loved ridin' swings,
And she liked cotton candy,
But I think she liked the pictures best of all:

No, it don't make sense to me
That she won't be around.
No, it don't make sense to me
To put her in the cold and lonely ground.
And no, it don't make sense
The way the world can let you fall---
I swear if don't make sense to me at all.
God forgive me what I think.
God forgive me what I wish right now.
I don't know the coward's name.
I don't know the bastard's face.
But I swear right now to God:
He ain't never gonna get away with what he done to Mary!
Let him quiver in his boots!
Let him run until he bleeds!
I won't rest until I know
He's burning in the ragin' fires of Hell forevermore!